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GPG Hints - GNU Privacy Guard

GPG Hints - GNU Privacy Guard GPG is an Open Source set of tools that allow for symmetric and asymmetric encryption of data: emails, security keys, key-rings, even mountable secure virtual drives, (as loop-devices).

"Hints": Just some reminders, and resources for figuring things out!

OrganizationReferencesGPG Symmetric Encryption with ASCII ArmorGPG-ZIP Helper ToolCreating Public and Private Keys, and Revocation CertificatesPublishing Public KeysRevoking / Cancelling KeysBacking up Keys and Revocation CertificatesRecovering / Decrypting Keys and Revocation Certificates 1. ReferencesGPG Website: For Windows Users: for Secure Email: 2. GPG Symmetric Encryption with ASCII Armor ASCII Armor Encrypt the Secure Key, (a PGP Key, Bitlocker Recovery Key, etc), but use ASCII Armor if you want to email to yourself, or post in plain text.

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