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EncFS Hints

EncFS Hints Contents:What is EncFS?Using EncFS and Cloud StorageTermsEncFS CommandsEncFS Tools cmp.20141209 1. What is EncFS? EncFS is a "Virtual Filesystem" ... of sorts.  Encrypted files are placed individually within a folder, on top of an existing filesystem.
With special software, the folder containing the encrypted files is "Mounted"  as another drive letter, ( Z: drive), or as another mountpoint in a Linux/Unix system, (i.e. /mount/shdw). 2. EncFS Best PracticesWhen mounting/decrypting encrypted files, mount in RAM/Memory, or decrypt to a secure partition.Encrypt your swap drive, (Linux/Unix).Use EncFS to encrypt home folders, auto-decrypting on login.Use EncFS to encrypt files synchronized to cloud storage or with BitTorrent Sync.Use a "shdw" prefix/folder root, for mounted secure folders, or even secure source repositorie, (i.e., /mnt/shdw/dropbox-encfs, /mnt/shdw/luks-drive/source/apache-source, etc). 3. Using EncFS and Cloud Storage EncFS is i…

GPG Hints - GNU Privacy Guard

GPG Hints - GNU Privacy Guard GPG is an Open Source set of tools that allow for symmetric and asymmetric encryption of data: emails, security keys, key-rings, even mountable secure virtual drives, (as loop-devices).

"Hints": Just some reminders, and resources for figuring things out!

OrganizationReferencesGPG Symmetric Encryption with ASCII ArmorGPG-ZIP Helper ToolCreating Public and Private Keys, and Revocation CertificatesPublishing Public KeysRevoking / Cancelling KeysBacking up Keys and Revocation CertificatesRecovering / Decrypting Keys and Revocation Certificates 1. ReferencesGPG Website: For Windows Users: for Secure Email: 2. GPG Symmetric Encryption with ASCII Armor ASCII Armor Encrypt the Secure Key, (a PGP Key, Bitlocker Recovery Key, etc), but use ASCII Armor if you want to email to yourself, or post in plain text.

Converting it from…

Android NDK Command Line Compilation

Android NDK Command Line Compilation (Notes)

Configuration and Compilation: Example:
# > $ ndk-build // Build Targets, etc, but not necessary for Ant
> $ android update project --path . --subprojects --target 9
Ant Build: Example:
# ant debug // for debug:
> $ ant release

Installing to the Device:
# List Attached Devices:

> $ adb devices
List of devices attached
emulator-5554 device
emulator-5555 device

# Install to Device:
# -s, (use to select one of multiple devices).
# -r, (use to reinstall)
# Native Activity is a C++ only, (no Java), Android Sample App.

> $ adb -s emulator-5554 install -r NativeActivity.apk

Meta Security & Theosophy

Meta Security & Theosophy ContentsWhen Technical Debates Become ReligiousEquivocation in Technology: Meta DataEquivocation in Theology: Six Days of CreationThe Value of Accepting Ideas, "As Is"Conclusion cmp.20140704
e.s. kohen
1. Where Technical Debates Become Religious How do you know when Meta Data become real Data?  The answer is the same as asking: How do you know when an Electron will change state?  By observing it.

Slashdot vs, the NSA and Meta Data has yet another community mash-up regarding Meta Data.  As always, "Tin Foil Hat" conspiracies abound--but in this case justifiably.

From a Philosophical point of view--namely Epistemology, (even Memetics), for that matter, the International Community has completely failed to "Grok" the idea that "Meta" is a completely relative term.

When any scientific debate is abruptly thrown into the context of the Politics or Theology, the entire planet seems to devolve into manipulati…