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Mountain's Mist

Mountain's Mist

Fallen from the crumbling path
my feet are shackled in the mist;
every step entombed within the fog of day.

Stumbling with my hands before me
My sight condemns me to darkness;
reflections of the Sun sear my eyes.

But what is this?
Night has fallen
and now I see?

My path revealed by the Moon
A transcendent host bears witness;
reverence inclines my head;

Wisdom unveiled in the night
Heaven and Earth are exposed;
darkness has given birth to truth.

e.s. kohen
ed.2017.05.11.01 (Public Draft)

Written in the "Mystic" tradition of "The Dark Night of the Soul."

On July 23, 2011, I was on a hike up Pyramid Mountain in the Olympic National Park just a small mountain for a gear-test, (to prepare for another trip which would require carrying six+ liters of water).

Embarrassingly, it ended up being a very difficult mountain for me to climb  and even more difficult to descend.  I had gotten into an accident, and also made a…